Is It a Bad Thing to Want to Give Our Kids a Magical Childhood?

The beautiful love and magic of childhood! x

A Magical Childhood

Last week, a blog post went viral about why parents should stop trying to give their kids a magical childhood. 

One of my friends shared it on her Facebook wall and yesterday a speaker at a sustainability conference even recommended it, saying that parents today spend too much time “on those things like Pinterest” and “working so hard to make their children’s live magical.”

“They’re just making their own lives harder,” she scoffed, “trying to make everything perfect.”

Then she said it’s because we mothers are addicted to stress.

Yes, it turns out we secretly like stress and so the quest to make childhood fun is some deep, psychological quest to make ourselves unhappy.

Or something like that.  I had a really hard time understanding the logic in any of it.

These people seem to completely miss the point about what makes a childhood magical, and why some of us…

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B1 – an insight into this puzzled mind…

Wooooah!! The mouse just come off it’s spinning wheel to sit down and ponder for once… Something I never let it do.

I’m one who thinks a lot, so the busier I am, the less I will be able to think.
I love thinking and wondering, but I hate over thinking a situation or dwelling on something that will only only hold me back.

There was a time, for quite some time when I would pretend this wasn’t an issue I had, but secretly deep down it was.

My mind is always on overdrive. I love it, but there are sooooo many thoughts I ponder about and never seem to ask… My mind is expanding daily… learning, experiencing, yet still wondering…

Having recently moved from country Victoria to beachside Melbourne, starting 2 new jobs, developing a new circle of friends, and creating a fresh positive mind – I’ve began to remember all of the little things I had forgotten I loved.

Travelling, adventures and exploring…
Food – cooking it, eating it, sharing it…
Life and growth…
Learning, then the opportunity to teach it…
Laughing, there is nothing more healthy or heart warming then a good decent thigh slapping laugh!

Ahh… I’ve got a smile on my face right now just thinking of these little wonderful things….

If you share any of these or think my blog is worth a read follow me, or comment so I can read your blogs…

I’m here to learn, explore and share!

Finally put my puzzled thoughts to black and white.

– K x